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May 10, 2008
anyone that hates the new look can go to www.dilbert.com/fast (it just shows the day's strip with none of the flash)
May 10, 2008
The number of studies should have been "forty two"... ;-)
May 9, 2008
i can´t open de strip. how can i open it?

the previous page was easy and better.
May 9, 2008
This site has turned into !$%*!$ Who the heck wants a Flash player to read a stupid comic strip? I'm out of here.
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May 9, 2008
Truly? I don't get it why people are complaining about the new look... I am not a compy-man (far other profession), still i can use and enjoy your new site... Could you keep it free? Just 1 more sentence (if i am "commenting": i am also not the "commenting type): EXTREMELY good and original humour!! Years i am with you Dilbert
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