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Feb 4, 2009
the number of studies on the punchline is also made up by dilbert.. right?
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Jan 25, 2009
Inaccurate data can sometimes be better than no data at all because they at least increase the probability that you are headed in the right direction. When I worked in the long term planning section of a telephone company we had to rely on subscriber forecasts which were little better than projection lines drawn on graph paper. It all evened out in the long run.
Sep 1, 2008
99.52% of statistics are made up. The rest is irrelevant.

<a href="www.tabrischen.com/">Tabris Chen</a>
Jul 30, 2008
La meilleure !!!
Jul 21, 2008
Well the trick is showing the random number sounding like nearly 99.9% there...! I'm sure while 92.5% men would accept this, ladies would do it only by 84.5% to 87.2%
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