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Mar 26, 2010
This would've made an interesting series. Scott could've continued it on in the Monday-Saturday comics.
Sep 7, 2009
Well... the Seattle Times has it, so it exists. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/comics/dilbert.html
Sep 7, 2009
So... http://dilbert.com/fast hasn't worked for a couple of days. I finally checked with the heavyweight web site, and I see it hasn't been updated since September 4th, either. Is Dilbert over?
Jun 9, 2008
@sotosay I came back to say that's really nice. Whew. http://dilbert.com/fast is the way to go. If only there were some way to get rid of the color....
Jun 9, 2008
@sotosay No, I never read the comments. Why would I read the comments? I didn't even know there were comments until I clicked the strip too many times yesterday. I don't ever plan to read the comments again, frankly. Thanks for the tip! Although I don't understand the purpose of the flash site, knowing where the non-Flash site is should be good enough. I've been going to http://unitedmedia.com/comics/dilbert/archive for years, but I guess I can learn a new URL.
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