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Jun 9, 2008
Is it so hard to go to dilbert.com/fast and enjoy the Flash-free version? Stop complaining already! Btw, this advice was given almost daily, don't you ever read the comments?
Jun 8, 2008
@dede a sideways blue chevron will appear over the right side of the last panel if you hold your mouse over it.
@bdbrad word. WTF? This nonsense with the colored strips embedded in a crazy heavyweight interface is annoying on most days, but nearly unusable on Sundays (and, yes, as I've illustrated above, I know about the arrow.) Who thought any of this was a good idea? Is Scott Adams unhappy with his success, and trying to drive his ad revenue down? I'm not about to stop reading dilbert, but in a few weeks I'll chuck the web site and just wait for the compendia. So what if I'm five years behind?
Jun 8, 2008
Finally I can read the whole Sunday strip, without copying the link and embedding it into a web page! Those little blue arrows in the panels are wonderful.
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Jun 8, 2008
Goodbye Dilbert. Your new format is just too crappy to navigate. To much hassle just to read a comic strip.
Jun 8, 2008
Most people don't realise that the inability to see the whole strip on Sundays is an undocumented feature at Dilbert.com, and is the creation of the pointy-haired boss. If, like Dilbert, you do not appreciate the advantages of this value-adding characteristic, then there are a few unsupported ways that you can gain access to the whole strip. The simplest is to use Internet Explorer instead of Firefox, as it is slower, and it gives you time to take a screen shot of the whole strip as it comes up briefly before the wildly popular new Flash feature takes over.
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