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May 19, 2009
"Enough of the god thing - hasn't there been enough killing and fighting over it in the last several hundred years? Now you guys have to bring your reglious struggle into a comic strip setting. Seek some medical help. "

Yeah we should switch over to athiesm, which has killed more people via Communism and Nazism than any combination of religions.
Mar 27, 2009
Well, I'm very sorry that you have had such experiences.
Mar 27, 2009
Sadly, there are people out there who use their religion as an excuse to attack others. I'm not talking about just physical attacks; the most common means that Christians use to try and convert me fall into one of two categories:
1) Intimidation. "You will burn in hell if you don't convert. It's the worst thing you can imagine. Fear it! Fear it now! Are you as terrified as you can possibly be? Good, now there is only way to avoid that fate...."
2) Guilt. "You're a terrible person. You're inherently inferior because you don't follow Jesus, but we love you even though you're a horrible person. It's ok, you can't help it..." repeat until the target breaks down and loses all self-esteem, crying in a corner, then approach them offering "help" and watch as they tearfully thank you for offering to rebuild them in your image after destroying them utterly.

Do all Christians use these tactics? No. But they are the ones I have experienced the most, and it's somewhat soured me on many major religions; particularly any ones that have as part of their beliefs and practices the order to go out and convert others (which Christianity does, as well as many others).
Mar 24, 2009
Gladly. I should first like to point out, though, that I did not start this "flame war", as you call it. I liked this strip, and the idea that there was blasphemy in it had never occurred to me, and I should have been quite glad to have continued simply enjoying dilbert without having to exert my cranium (after all, this is supposed to be how I relax). When I read some of the comments, though, I felt obligated to clear up some misconceptions apparently held by thintoq.
Mar 12, 2009

You are an individual who is suffering from a bad case of "godhead."
Arguing and flaming the comments section of a well-known and respected webcomic is the highest degree of immaturity. Please discontinue such ravings.
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