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Jun 12, 2008
tlhintog: I think you should study a bit more. Nothing can act: it can only react. That is, if the law of cause and effect does, in fact, exist, which it must, or everything we think we know may perhaps be false. According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the world is running out of usable energy. If the Universe has been around forever, we would have run out of usable energy long ago. Unless there is an infinite amount of energy, which directly contradicts the First Law of Thermodynamics, then our Universe must have, at some point, started. But how: nothing cannot become something; we cannot have an effect without a cause. In which case we require some sort of, as Aristotle put it quite aptly, an "Unmoved Mover" or "Uncaused Cause." Any such a being would be a god.
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Jun 12, 2008
GawdDamn that was funny!
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Jun 11, 2008
LORDY LORD! go here. this says God's real name is "I AM WHO I AM". www.yhwh.com/GINGN/gingn.htm and that makes it even stranger cause i thought his "Real" name was jehova? But still the fact remains... Lord is a title.... and i believe popeye used the phrase "I YAM WHAT I YAM AND THAT'S ALL THAT I YAM" maybe that cartoonist was the real blasphemer?
Jun 11, 2008
So this year its 'Lord' and years before it was YHWH, and before that it was Zeus, and years before that it was a symbol painted on a cave wall in berry juice. Regardless what the politically correct and popular name being used this year it is still just a name for a fictional being.

I can't belive we have not as a society grown past the need to create these stories used to make us feel better in our caves over events beyond our control or understanding. The rain has stopped, sacrifce a goat. The crops are bad, sacrifice a virgin. My life sucks, sacrifice some money in a plate. Your god is differen than my god so I blow up your buildings and kill your people.

Enough of the god thing - hasn't there been enough killing and fighting over it in the last several hundred years? Now you guys have to bring your reglious struggle into a comic strip setting. Seek some medical help.
Jun 10, 2008
hi9: get off your high horse. "Lordy Lord" is in no way blasphemous. The word Lord is indeed a title. The Hebrew Tetragrammaton cannot be translated into English due to the Israelites superstition preventing them from saying the divine name. Thus the correct pronunciation died out and YHWH is the only known form of the divine name. Yahweh is merely speculation as to how this may have been pronounced. The use of LORD in the bible is used as a filler in place of the divine name due to the aforementioned translation difficulties and is in no way meant to replace God's name. Read the front of your bible to confirm this.The significant difference between Lord and LORD as used to refer to gods name in lieu of the correct name, is the use of capitals, and considering Scott Adams writes all his strips in capitals, you have no cause for offence. It would seem that you are a pretentious religious zealot who should just delete their browser and wait for the apocalypse while chanting hymns. In short: You're an idiot. Shut the f**k up.
Great comic though =)
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