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Aug 25, 2013
"Snortle" is an apparently accepted word that is a portmanteau(blend) of "snort" and "chortle." The silly thing is, if you know your etymology, you know that "chortle" is already a portmanteau of "snort" and "chuckle."
May 1, 2013
Are you sure JG? Then why did phb add "while"?
Sounds like snorting chortling.
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Dec 18, 2009
This is exactly the purpose of every accounts payable dept. And what every accounts receivable dept tries to prevent.
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Jul 11, 2008
The nutty thing is, when I called Dunn & Bradstreet to ask how to report large corporations that are slow pay, they said, "we have several products we can sell you that would allow you to report-". So big companies don't pay which makes it hard for me to pay other big companies, that in turn report me to D&B for being a slow pay. But I can't report the large corporation for not paying to D&B because I don't have any money to pay D&B. Its just kinda wacky.
Jun 17, 2008
Ok - where is your spy cam? We are dealing with just such a situation in our "negotiations" with our big company client. Thanks for the laugh while we squeeze the $$$ waiting for our invoices to be paid!
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