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Apr 30, 2011
It appears the guy in the middle managed to hold on to his soul.
Oct 12, 2009
Haha, well let's just say those who rig their books don't have morals or souls to begin with. LOL.
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Aug 9, 2008
I teach finance in a graduate business school. This strip is right on the money.
Aug 8, 2008
In Canada, the RCMP's "leadership" used money that is set aside for pensions for other projects. I've seen other people try to jig the numbers so that the pension fund was "over contributed". (and that estimated 15% return was very close to the number they used, which is absurdly high over the long term.)
Aug 8, 2008
I don't get it, probably because I'm only 20. *lol* The last panel looks funny, though. Hehe.
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