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Nov 23, 2011
Actually, despite believing in God (as one might already guess was the case by looking at my account name), I wish to defend the placement of this of this article on this site.

Atheists and Agnostics frequently refer to themselves as Rationalists and are very concerned about being logical. This article accords with that desire very well.

And I have no desire to defend my position, or comment on the rightness of Atheists and Agnostics referring to themselves as Rationalists - well, not on this website. I have very strong views that I make public on other platforms, but I'm sure those views can be guessed at close enough.

However, that being said, thanks for posting the link, Tura - fantastic article!
Feb 12, 2010
I found this explains a lot: http://atheism.about.com/od/logicalflawsinreasoning/a/unskilled.htm (don't worry, it is not about religion, someone unskilled and unaware must have placed it in this section. Or God?)
Oct 6, 2008
This IS our CEO- and last week the company filed for bankruptcy. Hmmm.....
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Aug 11, 2008
This *is* one of my colleagues which is very funny and yet so, so sad...

The only difference is that my colleague wouldn't recognize intelligence if it announced its presence via a 3D hologram projected from an anti-gravity platform!
Aug 11, 2008
Scott must have a spy in my cubicle - this is soooooooooooooo true to life!
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