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May 21, 2009
"Who do you think you are? Jay Leno? This cartoon is very bigoted against old people. The stereotype that you believe in is not very true of the vast majority of older people. Hey but while you are at it, why not poke fun and handicapped young people? It would be a hoot."

This is such an idiotic statement I'm sure the person who wrote it is handicapped mentally in the sense that they are just an idiot with no offense intended to the bright and lucid mentally handicapped. This isn't bigoted against old people, it just points out that of the people who don't update their technology, the vast majority of them are old, and they are saying that the old people who are still lucid and connected have updated, so he's making a point that the only people who don't update have checked out anyway. This is totally my grandparents. Anyone under 50 wouldn't be applicable and there is probably less than a dozen people under 30 who would meet these technological criteria.
Jan 23, 2009
This is retarded. Before I even scrolled down from the actual comment I knew there'd be a billion pages of belly-achers whining about how offensive to old folks they thought it was.

If you think Scott Adams is offensive, I suggest you go turn on the TV and watch a few episodes of FAMILY GUY. You'll get so bent out of shape the only way to resolve the angst will be go to in your bedroom and stick your tongue in a light socket.

Then you'll come CRAWLING back to Dilbert and his playful political incorrectness.
Dec 12, 2008
This is the funniest comic strip I've read in forever, period. Not just Dilbert, but all comics. I was at work, and just thinking of this strip had me laughing.
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Dec 12, 2008
the way I see it, the joke is on the manufacturers who make obsolete products, that even Fiddlesticks perform better and the hard candy was to sweeten the seller's illusion regarding the grandiosity of the whole thing ;-P
Dec 11, 2008
Whether the comic strip is making fun of old people or "people who don't upgrade the basic things in life that make our lives simple" or not it's not the primary joke- just an amusing secondary (if you're not offended).

The joke is at people who use statistics to tease out superficial information without making any effort to examine all the factors that effect the results. The first panel in real life would go "we surveyed 1000 people" with no one ever pointing out the method by which they did the survey biased the results, but the joke would be a lot too subtle then.
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