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Jan 6, 2009
I get the feeling everyone commenting on Wally being right or wrong are the butt of a private joke for Adam's own personal enjoyment.

Wally is Wally. You can never tell if he is seriously wrong here, just doesn't care or purposefully making a mistake just to further tick her off.
Jan 6, 2009
Thank You AsstEvlHmnRcrsDrctr! I mean come on:
a) You really all think your smarter than Scott Adams, I bet everybody who bad mouthed him makes less than 50k a year and the man makes at least 7-Figures. So who has used his brain to get way ahead!
b) Its a joke for crying out loud!
c) All of you assumed that Wally, the office slacker and king of misinformation would actually have his facts straight, obviously the part of the joke that went way over your heads.
d) If you have ever been through American engineering school, but American engineers by and large still use British Units, especially when referring to HVAC systems.
e) Over analyzing a comic just make you look like an ass. I mean if it was meant to be a place of scientific accuracy, it would be an encyclopedia.
So get over yourselves!
Jan 6, 2009
The joke is she's cold but no one else is and Wally was calling her a cold blooded reptile. Clearly it's Fahrenheit not Celsius or Kelvin. You're over-analyzing a joke; it's annoying, knock it off.
Jan 6, 2009
Yes YA we whent through that already.

And I agree that it is OK for them to use farenheight because they are in america. I also appreciate that if it had got to 20 C over here at any point during the summer I would have been at the beach. That's why it's funny. Stop complaining.
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Jan 6, 2009
Technically, aren't animals who use echo-location (bats, dolphins, etc) also mammals?
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