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Jan 26, 2009
I heard Dilbert was going to be laid off. He got the sack the same day I did. In cartoons, everyone can hear you scream.
Jan 22, 2009
Shameless plug? The way I see it, Dilbert's world is coming through another dimension and straight into reality. Don't know if it's original, but I thought it was very clever. Of course, almost everything in Dilbert is hauntingly real if you've worked in just about any company.
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Jan 21, 2009
This is an epic comic - Is it not documenting how the Dilbert comic was started in the first place?
Momentous and earth-shaking I'd say. Let's all hope Scott Adams doesn't decide to wrap it up with this one.
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Jan 21, 2009
Much as I know people will rank down this comment I'm going to support Scott on this one:

1. This particular cartoon is actually quite funny, with or without the referance to dilbertfiles, although I am prepared to conceed that the first one was substandard.

2. It's a very good marketing strategy. I hadn't noticed the ads to the right untill the start of this whole thing.

3. There's always the possibility that Scott wrote the cartoon without mentioning dilbertfiles, showed it to a business colleague before publically releasing it, and was advised there that it would be a good idea to mention the website.

4. I'm the sort of person who'll argue the losing side for a challenge and I have too much free time.

5. None of you know for a fact that he isn't paying to have this strip put in the papers, or at least letting them have it for free.
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Jan 21, 2009
really disappointed to see this level of shameless self-promotion. not enjoyable, not funny, not interested in reading it.
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