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Feb 25, 2009
*Is glad to not be American*
Feb 25, 2009
Dogbert for president in 2013, if only someone would stand-up to these bloated DC Patricians who rule, not govern, this country.
Feb 25, 2009
...opportunistic populist pandering by professional politicians. Good gig if you excelled at high school gossip.
Feb 25, 2009
@Ham24: I'm not sure whether the online Dilbert comics are the same as the newspaper ones on the same day, but a typical comic requires a few months to be "aired" (forgot correct word). So it seems that Scott did think this up roughly when the Big Three had their hearings.
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Feb 25, 2009
Thank you for saying what a LOT of us poor working slobs were wanting to hear. I can't believe how these guys sit in judgment. When you consider a lot of these guys go to Washington middle to upper middle class and within a few years they are multi-millionaires. How does that happen on the salary we pay them? They must really know how to invest... ;-) Gotta get back to work... THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
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