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Mar 29, 2009
@ Jamus900. I agree about the threw-up bit. It didn't add anything but the rest was golden.

After I had removed the "threw-up," I sent it to the HSE officer who found it very funny. Dilbert Rocks!
Mar 19, 2009
it was obviously Alice rather than the PHB who threw up in her mouth
Mar 18, 2009
Really, I'm finding Dilbert acting as not only a commentary regarding corporate America, but also commentary about everything that is wrong with "leadership" in this country. We're getting this from every angle, not just from pointy-haired bosses.
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Mar 17, 2009
Had the exact experience myself last month, so my colleagues and I had a joyous laugh with this one.
Thanks for lightening up our day at Azkaban, Scott!
Mar 17, 2009
it was ok... funny but the throw up part didnt really add to the joke.
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