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Jul 2, 2011
And I often suspected it was the other way around: that they promoted from within, or hired the boss's (insert relationship here) but still went through the motions of "interviewing" for pointy haired reasons known only to themselves.
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Oct 7, 2009
@KevinKunreuther: Wouldn't "Apocalypse Holy Cow Ordinary Occurrence" be abbreviated AHCOO? Unless of course, it is actually "Apo Calypse Holycow Ordinary Occurrence"! ;-)
Apr 11, 2009
My company does that all the time...
And so true, I long for false hope...
I guess that's why it so hilarious!
Apr 2, 2009
Roger...LIMBAUGH holds court of public opinion? When did THAT ever happen. Explain how that works.

You have ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, and all of THEIR commentators and pundits (not to mention TIME, Newsweek, US News & World Report, People (and their clones), Rolling Stone, etc) who essentially give us the "conventional wisdom" (oh, how WISE that wisdom is...) coming out of Washington, DC, NYC, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta (essentially EVERY "major media outlet there is) and then there are guys like Rush Limbaugh (Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, etc who skewer it.

So, I'm assuming that since you (unlike "fools" who listen to anyone else, especially those "puppet/tools" like Rush Limbaugh) don't listen to pundits, that you have the time and resources to gather ALL of the information necessary to make the most objective and utterly informed opinion as anyone on the face of the Earth. I mean, you must be able to travel throughout the country, to see and hear everything that is going on, without ANY funnel or biased filter that would otherwise bend your opinion.

You DON'T do that? Oh, so where do you get this perfectly objective, unfiltered, objective information? Where do you get information that is not biased in one way or another? Where do people in the "mainstream media" talk about what is going on that isn't spun in one way or another (and don't get me started on Bill O'Reilly's "All-Spin-All-or-the-Time-Zone" program)? Who is out there that conscientiously and honestly tells us all of the news that citizens of this country need to hear without ANY bias whatsoever?

If you actually think that you can get that sort of information by watching "the news," visiting any internet "news" or political website, or reading ANY publication, then you are sadly mistaken. And here's one more thing--don't talk about things that you are ignorant about. If you want to form an opinion about who Rush Limbaugh is and what he's about, LISTEN to what he says over a period of time (perhaps an hour a day over a few weeks or so), so that you can have at least some idea of why you hate the guy. Hearing sound-bites taken out of context does not serve you in doing so.
Apr 2, 2009
I think you mis-read me, yohannbiimu. I said, "You're right, I have no idea what YOU are talking about." And you are correct, I know nothing of the pundits. But they are unimportant, the only power they hold is in the court of public opinion. And I never made the claim to know more than "anybody" but I do pay more attention to (local) voting records than most.
Why do you equate "political brilliance" with a good public servant? If I understand what you are asking, then i would have to say ANY politico that can get re-elected time after time. FDR, Ted Kennedy, and Strom Thurmond come to mind, but personally, I wouldn't have voted for any of them.
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