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Feb 14, 2010
LOL at the third panel!!!!!!!!!! must improve street mime skills!

(BTW, i've noticed alot of economic commentary lately)
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Apr 20, 2009
So if he gets fired we have to deal with one more mime? Please let him kep his job, for our sanity naturaly.
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Apr 20, 2009
I'm wondering when Scott will do a story about the newspapers all failing? Non Sequiter, Pearls Before Swine and Least I Could Do have all tackled subject in past three days - casting scorn and blame on the online media. Cop out city. Sorry for not pertaining to subject of above comic but I feel an all comic conspiracy whining about newspapers disappearing when it is clearly the fault of the business people who ran all their papers into the ground. Thank goodness we have online news that more or less works .
Apr 20, 2009
I personally love this one. Nothing like the fear of getting fired to increase quality. Perhaps recession is just a ploy... (in rush 1000 UAW workers to beat the snot out of me)
Apr 20, 2009
I'm noticing a lot of not-so-funny elements (entirely economy-related) in our intrepid cartoonist's magnum opus. I wonder at what point when the government is going to crack down on this sort of subversive extreme right-wing activity... (sarc)
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