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Apr 27, 2009
The very essence of Dilbert is humor involving unethical behavior. Dogbert, Catbert, Pointy-haired Boss, Wally, et al.

If you do not find any humor in unethical behavior as it is portrayed in this strip, I find it strange that you would read any of the Dilbert strips.

I would recommend something less offensive like maybe Charlie Brown, but then you have that whole yank-the-football-out-of-the-way-thing that Lucy does. Clearly unethical.
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Apr 27, 2009
Ouch! Something like this happened to me recently. And now I'm going to very expensive therapy to get over it and my ex-counselor is in big trouble! This is actually not very funny. Unethical behavior is simply not amusing.
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Apr 27, 2009
One look at Dilbert's tie in that last frame says it all.....
Apr 27, 2009
yohannbiimu: that is why Scott is paid for writing these and not you. NONE of the mashups come close to him.
Apr 27, 2009
Good thing she didnt say that out-loud!
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