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Nov 29, 2014
Looks like Mongo's attention span is improving. Time was he just looked at the pretty pictures.
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Jun 1, 2010
Mongobert think OldPacBellDude need life, type too long comment. Mongobert lose interest after third sentence. Mongobert now sleepy.
May 4, 2009
I work for a "really large" internet / Enterprise supplier that used to have lots of perks. They brought us in with "drinking from the fire house" knowledge transfer, lots of perks (great New years parties) and all we had to do was drink the cool-aid and work lots of unpaid hours with the ultimate pay-off in stock options. They described this as the company culture.

Some now the company culture is all about the customer & "Out-sourcing". The "worker Bee" is just over head and the economy was a perfect reason to yank all the perks. To keep you from complaining, they use "rating & ranking" against your team mates to turn up the paranoia.

They want us to have all the toys of the trade. We paid for them & the company paid the monthly and supplied the batteries. First they yanked the batteries & are now deciding if they will pay even the month bill. You are scared to be rated low because you do not have internet access and a cell phone ("if we did not supply them, would you not have them anyway?"),I have been told that if you come into the office, you will start being charged for providing a place to work and electricity. (After that I suspect next move will be to swipe your ID and be charged for toilet access).

I have yet to find a word that describes what you call a person that supplies a company with all the tools needed to do their job. My wife used a few negative words to describing an employee giving a "Perk" for employment.

I have a couple large UPS's for my networking closet and home theater that i could start lugging them to work. That could help me recoup some of the new prices to work.

Next will be security patting us down when we leave the building.
May 3, 2009
---This one gets a five...the first time I am giving that because it hits closer to home than any other strip.
---I have been fed up with the company cutting back on our pay, employee perks and in some cases necessary allowances using recession as an excuse when they have been posting handsome profits.
---BTW, as viewer jbarot pointed out, even in my company (another IT company in Mumbai), I have a coworker who fills up his 1 litre drinking water bottle just before leaving for the day. Then there are others who will never charge their cellphones at home. Some more who will make long distance calls to their native places using the company phone :-)
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Apr 28, 2009
A snitch jbarat, just like last time.
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