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May 6, 2009
We used to live in a paperbag, 27 of us!
May 6, 2009
"A house? You were lucky! I used to live in a shoebox in the middle of the road...."
(thx, to Monty Python for that clip)
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May 6, 2009
After a long streak of funny dilberts, the streak has ended. Oh well hopefully the next one will be funny.
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May 6, 2009
If I was Scott Adams I would copy and paste all the time. I'm just that lazy.

Heh, I just love Topper. He's so real. I mean, everyone has met a Topper at least a bunch of times. We had one at my last job. She had done it all plus a bit more.
May 6, 2009
Didn't you know? All Dilbert is just clip art from previous strips. :P
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