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May 10, 2009
What the... This thing blocked C I R C U M S T A N C E S? How is that one even REMOTELY offensive? o.O
May 10, 2009
@Dexter: The PHB deliberately has no name, as scott said... er... somewhere... so that anyonwe may see their own boss in there, without restrictions. I belive the same philosophy applies to the company name. In the -show- it was revealed that the PHB was sometimes called "Eunice" as an alias, but under the !$%*!$%*!$%*! I doubt it was -really- his name. The company was also revealed to be a merging of "Pathway Electronics" and "E-Tech Management," Or, "Path-E-Tech management." Still, how much the show and strip crossed is unknown.
May 10, 2009
This one has always intrigued me -
Doesn't PHB (the Pointy Haired Boss) have a real name?
And has the name of the company where all these people work ever been mentioned?
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May 9, 2009
PHB plus pain equals funny, simple math.
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May 9, 2009
to red33410: it may be that in the 1st and 3rd frame the viewer's eyes are a little below the surface of the table, thus the keyboard and mouse are invisible.
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