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Jul 26, 2009
I kind of pity PHB here. The poor guy has surprisingly figured out what Dilbert commented (check out PHB's cheeky look in the last pane) and yet he can't do anything about it because Dilbert happens to be one of his indispensable workers. :)
Jul 23, 2009
After I fixed the input validations in the UI of the software that I'm working on (to make the inteface idiot-proof). I've attached this strip in my email for the Software Quality Tester who is in-charged in testing my work. This one made her laugh... Nice Job Scott! ^__^
Jul 22, 2009
There's something dangerously cynical about dilbert's line that makes me laugh whenever I read it. xD
Jul 22, 2009
Happy Anniversary YLSE!!!!
Jul 22, 2009
I love the way she's looking at her watch!
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