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Jul 30, 2009
Jul 30, 2009
Spynx, he's holding onto a sandwich and turned towards the speaker. He does not have his fists up.

Virginia, there has been no indication that Mr. Forehead is French.

Stouff, we're all incredibly impressed with your knowledge of old strips, of course, but your opinion on which is better, is highly irrelevant.
Jul 30, 2009
The June 28, 1991 strip was better pun.
Jul 30, 2009
Too violent. You just killed off a guy on his second appearance. You didn't even give us a chance to start hating him before you killed him. And besides, the French shorten the name to "pomme frite".
Jul 30, 2009
Mehhh. Have to see a few more days to see if this thread has potential - but so far - not up to snuff with usual industry commentary that Scott usually nails right on the head.
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