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Sep 11, 2009
Why did Scott Adams use "trademark" in the second panel instead of "patent"? Am I missing something?
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Sep 10, 2009
With the name i4i (eye for eye), sounds like they may be a litigious organization ....
Sep 10, 2009
@leevclarke that is not really it at all, Microsoft bought their solution, 'acquired' their intellectual property, inserted the stolen IP in Word, de-partnered, wiped out 80% of i4i business. The patent is NOT for XML, but for a method to customize it. IFAICT.
Sep 9, 2009
Working at a law firm, I have to say...I love the third panel.
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Sep 9, 2009
kinda drastic to wind up the business, innit? why not just move the business to China? less extreme...
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