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Feb 2, 2010
This is so funny. However, if Dilbert is so honestly worried about PHB having a lot on his mind, why doesn't he write him an e-mail listing the 4 things he needs. Whenever I want to talk to my boss (who definitely has more things to worry about than me) I write an e-mail first with at least listing the things I want to talk about.
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Oct 15, 2009
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Oct 8, 2009
So sad. And then comes the marketing dumbwit.
Sep 14, 2009
1) Poor Dilbert ... what could he do about it?
2) "A case with four stones in it! Not one or two or three but four! Four stones! What the hell am I supposed to do with an empty case?" (c) Zorg in "The Fifth Element".
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Sep 14, 2009
Lol, just for the fun of it . . . if he had gone with red's suggestion, "not one" PHB probably would've thought that more than one of the questions were about batteries O_o
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