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Nov 26, 2009
I think Carol's hair looks like the silhouette of a hand in the "bird" position. Try holding your hand in the appropriate position near Carol's head and I think you'll agree ... of course you might feel silly for flipping yourself off, but hey ... that's the price of progress.
Nov 26, 2009
PHB Pointed Haired Boss
Nov 26, 2009
btw, what is PHB?
Nov 26, 2009
User Name: Jazmataz Nov 26, 2009 0

I guess I don´t understand the punch line - what does wearing concrete underpants mean? That PHB is stiff? My fantasy is falling short here....Help, anybody?


This shows the mental gap between the pointy-hair boss and Carol the receptionist, probably a left brain/right brain thing, mebbe a male-female thing. He's reciting something he read in a "Super Manager" newsletter, she responds with an emotional objection. His next attempt is to throw out a banal MBA cliché, her 2nd response is an even stronger emotional objection.

When someone says "I'm wearing concrete underpants," they're saying "You're making me anal & bunching my panties, tell me something else!"
Nov 26, 2009
I think it means that the boss is ruining her mood... or something.
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