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Dec 6, 2009
You've all got it wrong, it more like a centimeter apart!
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Dec 5, 2009
That reflects reality pretty well. It's why most companies have so many failures in IT. The trend started about 15-20 years ago when it began to be fashionable to hire IT Managers that had MBAs, but have no real IT experience under their belts.

I remember when I was told to concentrate on the "management summaries" in the IT architecture strategy papers I wrote because the managers wouldn't make it past the first page. Now I am being told to keep it to one power point slide with 5 bullet points. What's next? A single word?
Dec 4, 2009
Who da man? You da man. No read da man.

I find all the ignorance ploys by management, customers, co-workers really annoying, they hate you if you tell them they hate you if you don't. If you know something about a technology they immediately switch technologies even if it is inappropriate to do so just so that everyone is ignorant. They say well XYZ technology does it so why can't you, when they have no idea what it takes to produce XYZ technology. Or try to automate it away.

But that is the way it is its the VP's decision to choose the technology, and usually they go for the cheapest labor costs more than anything else, and usually cheaper labor is ignorant, untrained, and related to the CEO.

Don't bother learning skills, take a song and dance lesson kids you'll be happier in the end.
Dec 4, 2009
nosenivel - read all the Dilbert strips and you will understand the context (if you read them all then take some Ginko Bilba for your memroy). The strip of November 22, 2009 clearly shows that Dilbert has explicitly decided to step up commentary level from "straight man" to in-your-face/slap-you down because he feels secure in his position.

More power to the irreplaceable asset. You may have less of a chance to rise in the ranks - but the same cement that keeps you where you are protects you from the axe as well (unless you get a rookie PHB that doesn't know who runs the show - so you tone it down a couple of notches until he gets the picture).
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Dec 4, 2009
I like the way SA left off the second frame with "Maybe you could..."..He should not have broken the suspense on the third frame..
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