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Apr 26, 2013
I don't speak misc. english or whatever excuse for language you consider that. God, even thug black people from the ghetto don't speak THAT badly.
Jan 31, 2011
Too many frames.



so talk about it then. cobber.
-ugh who dat.
right were off to prove our richness.
-ugh who dat.
right we lush the empire, you grease pots.
-ugh who dat.
oi, chekovv, get dahhn yourr arss, nahhhr.
- oh who dat.
oir gweesa pattz, gemmum summat da de haussess. naaht, wot? yar. pootlews. dosh bingo watsit. wingo. boop.
-ah thats, err...
oi root pot? wheres da lingo, ,wallop.?
- ouch, dingles.
asser tochlie, hossar dongo waslach... ha jingo wastap asperresahago. hos gotaas. nasto wingo.
- wow, what the !$%*!$%*!$% vboy, my aaars, naahw.
- yes ok, binga me wotsit.

*****forum closed for maintenance.....
Jan 21, 2010
I !$%*!$ my head and grew the biker beard on my kids request. I don't feel the need to be everyone's best friend and looking tougher has actually made people treat me nicer. A simple nod or expression is all it takes to make things happen. Didn't Wally do a beard once?
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Dec 29, 2009
The funny part about this strip is there are those kinds of techies who know very little or nothing and skate by using the silent method (or minimal comment).

The sad part of this strip is that companies are so often easily dissuaded from using open source solutions because of ignorance, fear of change, fear of losing jobs (the IT staff), etc. Yes, the pointy haired idiot boss reached the conclusion he had already decided upon before entering the meeting and just used the moron, Silent Gary, to proclaim so.

In simple terms:

Mircosoft = BAD
Anything but Microsoft = GOOD

20 years of IT experience, having achieved Microsoft, Novell and Apple certifications gives me some insight about this :)
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Dec 28, 2009
For some reason this reminds me of a strategy I use to deal with morons at work. I pretend to listen to them until the noise stops, then I say "ok" and do nothing. I've learned two things: one, most people just want to hear you say something and are too lazy to follow up and see if you did as they asked; and two, work makes normal people like me into sociopaths.
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