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Dec 6, 2014
Obama got elected because he is younger that John McCain and more honest if not smarter than Mitt Romney. His integrity is beyond doubt as are his patriotism and social conscience.
You want bad choices? Try two Bush presidencies that added trillions to your national debt by persuing unnecessary wars that killed untold thousands and maimed many more. We have a saying here that states that one fool can spend more than ten wise men can earn. Looks like you need to find 9 more fiscally responsible Democrats before Dubbaya's mess is cleaned up.
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Nov 28, 2011
Mongobert, you are indeed a Tea Party poster child.
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Jun 23, 2010
Now Mongobert understand how Obama get elected. Suddenly, Mongobert feel cold and very scared.
Jan 4, 2010
Oh No... I think I am Ratbert... Another bad decision.. yeah, sign me up to organize and run it.. where is my therapist's number?? :-)
Jan 3, 2010
Is this the beginning of the "Palin for 2012" campaign?
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