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Jan 10, 2010
@itegem - Scott has always treated managers, CEOs, MBAs, consultants, marketeers, sales, HR and finance people as good for nothing blobs drawing ridiculous pays that should rather go to engineers who *do* the actual work that *pays*!
Jan 5, 2010
@ Bluesky111
Raise? Are there still companies that give engineers raises? Our engineers had to take a 15% cut so the marketing division could keep their jobs.
Jan 5, 2010
It's hard for me to disagree with Dilbert's last statement. (Like the blind leading the blind.)
Jan 5, 2010
Right On, BlueSky111! It's about time engineers got some respect. But as you all probably know, in a country that produces 10 times more lawyers than engineers, it's no wonder so little goes back to those who have actually made a difference in society.
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Jan 5, 2010
Awesome, definitely the best strip in a couple of weeks. As a person who works primarily in R&D for a large corporation, I see this all the time—managers want "accurate", "quantified" predictions of the future revenue resulting from R&D projects, but nobody has a crystal ball, so it just ends up being some made-up numbers that everyone except the manager knows are complete fiction. Right on the money with this strip, Scott.
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