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Jan 12, 2010
even in memnoch the devil, lestat refers to a womans monthly blood as *pure blood* and touch on hints of his romantic relationships with men and women...

my main problem with the twilight series from what I've seen and heard.. they have the maturity of their looks, not their age
Jan 12, 2010
So ... er ... they did Madoff eat babies ???

Re: vampires : well, technically, they've always been sexualized. Bram Stoker capitalized on D's (blood) lust & love for Mina, and made it a near-almighty (sexual) predator.

SM merely surfed the new trend of romantism (thanks Buffy), with simplified religious themes slapped on top of it : no premarital sex, concerns for the soul, fight for redemption, the purity of intention prevails (the good guys win), paradise for the pure (forever young & beautiful & sexy & in love), etc.

It's only a very immature version of D, where the good guys don't do sub-prime mortgages - er ... eat babies.
Jan 12, 2010
I like that this strip takes a hit at the Twilight and New Moon movies. "And not the sexy kind either." The idea of vampires has been romanticized and has now taken on a sexual connotation. Stephanie Meyer is a sucky ass writer; her books are garbage and she's changed the image of a beloved fantastical monster into a object of sexual desire.
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Jan 12, 2010
And one final point (finally I'm sure some will say), the ponzi schemes of Madoff and closer to home for me, the Stanford Group, etc ....well to be honest, when the market is !$%*!$% big time and someone (or group) comes along and says, "pay no attention to that....I guarantee you at least 10 - 20 percent return" and that someone invests everything in it, well their greed is to blame not the president (O or W) or congress or lack of regulations. Diversify is the answer. The poor people at Enron can really teach us this lesson. But we all have our weaknesses. We want it the easy way....all at once. I'm guilty too. But I only lost 40% (only he says!). And let us all remember one thing. Our president (O or W) does not spend one dime. Congress does! It's really them and not the prez. I will vote against all incumbents. Now you may throw tomatoes (or shoes).
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Jan 12, 2010
@ibi828 Sorry to tell you but W didn't do as much for sub-prime mortgages as The Big O has. Obama is the one who trained all the ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) workers to secure mortgages for unqualified people while he was still a Senator. Not to mention his little march to La Raze in 2007 with illegal aliens in Chicago to support "comprehensive" immigration reform. In my opinion one of the biggest problems is all of the illegals taking jobs from american citizens. Not to mention the illegals abusing the system and getting government benefits using fake social security numbers. My wife is a Manager at a Section 8 apartment complex and she sees it all the time. Illegals come in with section 8 housing approval and she makes them fill out all the paper work just to find out that they have no social security card or a social security card of a dead person.

It is too easy to manipulate the system and Obama is making it even easier! So don't blame W. he may not have been the smartest President but at least he didn't sell out the Country like the big O is doing!

Thanks, I am done ranting now!
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