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Jan 18, 2010
The law of the jungle is not what you think nitric. The law of the jungle, simply stated is........in the jungle there is neither reward nor punishment......only consequences!
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Jan 18, 2010

The only reason for cubicles and meetings is to perpetuate the out dated hierarchical management structure which justifies itself by constantly reinforcing the unsupported idea that an unmonitored worker is an inefficient worker. As reported on Friday in the WSJ productivity in this country is at an all time high even though many of these workers are operating from remote locations such as home. Your logic, extended only slightly, says that I can't be as productive while traveling on company business because I am unmonitored.

So why should I lighten up and buy your outdated argument? In order to justify your job as a supervisor? Imagine you entire work-force worked at home, met via video link, and was just as productive (as studies repeatedly show happens) how would we justify your job and empire of cubicles? We can't because we suddenly look behind the curtain and find we don't need you.

If 80% of a supervisor's time is taken up by 20% of his staff then why do you insist on punishing the other 80% of you staff? After 30 years in management all the way to CEO of a corporation I have concluded that most of management is an impediment to production
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Jan 18, 2010
Dilbert's proposal is creeping already - he said one monkey but no, turns out it's two, before you know it -
Planet Of The Apes
Jan 18, 2010
nitric23 - such a pessimistic perspective.

Why cubicles? - Because space is a limited resource and you need to have constraints and limits to area of space a worker can have, which is why everybody doesn’t have a personal room with a secretary. Cubicles because people desire a modicum amount of privacy when at work and when they have to talk to the doctor about their ... "herpisemplex 5" they'd rather not the pool secretary hear about it.

Why meetings? - Because a company needs to make sure everyone is on board, moving the company in the right direction and helps ensure accountability and responsibility. Not every company provides the same experiences that Dilbert comes face to face with on a daily basis.

Not all work done in the office can be accomplished through telecommuting, as you suggest. How many would sleep in or just sluff off their responsibilities. So many people here, on this site, profess a desire to be like Wally; someone who does nothing and gets paid for it.

Your words eerily resonate with the term… “going postal.” ... Lighten up and appreciate the corporate ridicule and humor that we all come here to enjoy. Today's strip is quite excellent.
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Jan 18, 2010
The ironic thing is: for most companies, this would be an improvement.
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