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Jan 24, 2010
Wow! Just a couple of weeks ago we got a notice from our HR department that in the "interest of employees, the annual leave policy is undergoing a change. Rather than the 9 annual holidays, there will be only 7 and the remaining 2 will be added to the leaves that employees can take in a year".

This was without any warning or surveys. At the outset it might look beneficial but it is not. As it is we never make full use of the allocated leaves for the year. The new policy means we have to work 2 extra days per year and the company gets to bill more hours to the clients. :(

HR is such a cruel department...
Jan 23, 2010
I will bet that Catbert was another student of William Aires.
Jan 23, 2010
Wally raising his cup at just that moment speaks volumes, don't you think?
Jan 23, 2010
Catbert = City of Tulsa, Mayor Bartlett
Dilbert = Fraternal Order of Police, (Former) Police Chief Palmer
Wally = Firefighter's Union, every one of the heros in the department

Sad for the 300 or so employees who might lose their jobs next week because of contract disputes and slumping tax revenues.
Jan 23, 2010
Thassa lotta spam!
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