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Feb 7, 2010
Consultants are always at the receiving end from Scott. I wish that Scott will start ridiculing another breed of professionals that trouble IT people to no end - Auditors (be it ISO or CMMI or SOX)...
May be back in those days Scott didn't have to face this species at Bell...
Feb 3, 2010
Dr.Zoidberg: Old Soap! That is quite a feast ,my liege!
Feb 1, 2010
@ Welshman

Probably plotting to take over the world?!?
Feb 1, 2010
Why do I have to read this comic right after eating some soap? (accidentally)
Feb 1, 2010
@bottom_rung: You're right, but Wally doesn't have to buy it. He knows his life is superior to those of everyone else in the room! He's even ignoring Dilbert so he doesn't waste any brain cells processing the comment.

@sanddemon: The camera did zoom-in, but even so the top of her hair should be in frame. I suspect she briefly put her head in her hands in disgust at PHB's latest ploy to avoid any real morale improvement.

@marcelovalois: Thanks, I had missed the 'CHA!' on first reading. That makes it 2x as funny!
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