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Mar 9, 2010
@betsycmc - Thanks for the clarification though Imalinofsky's comment had helped me figure the 'virgin' thing before you explained it...
Mar 8, 2010
"It's down to you or me" is a reference to the fact that the people who were/are ritually sacrificed in cultures that practice it are VIRGINS. Being a good little engineer, Asok is obviously one, having probably had more time for online fantasy war games than for girls. Asok then assumes the geek with the unfortunate teeth and hair-helmet next to him is ALSO a virgin.

Get it now, Dexter and Chock-Full? Or did you also not read lmalinofsky's comment?
Feb 22, 2010
"It's down to you or me"

Down syndrome reference?
Feb 21, 2010
Whoa...This one was a tough one to figure out. Had to pour through all the comments to even get a hint. I wonder how is Asok convinced that the lady next to him is not...umm...'fit for a ritual sacrifice'...
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Feb 20, 2010
This comic is entertaining on several levels just in the second frame alone. Can't believe how critical three of the first four commentors were, how they expect perfection from a free comic every day. It would be nice to follow them around and criticize everything they touch throughout the day.
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