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Feb 20, 2010
It's great to see the Garbageman again.
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Feb 20, 2010
This latest trend of main characters to have something bad happen to them and then have them magically cured has started to become a bit overdone, indeed.

We need more office insanisty! We want engineering incompetence, weird PHB talk, employee team work, and the like.

I personally find all this soul-related strips too arbitrary that doesn't match with the style of the dilbert comic.
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Feb 20, 2010
I wonder who's soul it is?? Hopefully this strip is almost done, it is beginning to get a bit labored.
Feb 20, 2010
Is he getting Topper's soul?
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Feb 20, 2010
I love how Dilbert and Wally are just watching!
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