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Aug 27, 2014
I will look for you.
I will find you.
And I will need your load calcs by Tuesday.
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Mar 15, 2010
We're all children at work!
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Feb 26, 2010
Another variation on Wally's time-tested method of hiding:


Only a true master can make his tactics known in advance and still win the battle.
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Feb 26, 2010
The full-figured-purple-dress lady made one fatal mistake with Wally...agreeing to even try to remind him in the first place...
Feb 26, 2010
I think that she has tried once or twice in the past, but does not interact with Wally on any regular basis. If she had spent any time with him, she would have found anyone else to do the calcs. She will learn, like TIna and a few others, that it is futile to attempt to gain anything from the master that the master is not willing to give ... Oh, and while you are going that way ... would you freshen up my coffee?
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