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Feb 26, 2010
I'm surprised that EVERY day isn't a hiding day for Wally... :-)
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Feb 26, 2010
It is amazing how, without introduction, simply by her tone and word choice, I can tell she is a project manager. The great tragedy is that all she can do is remind, she can't deliver. However, she is the one who gets punished for not having the results. Finally, sadly, when she does not have the data for management, she will probably be banished to accounting. I believe project management was designed by sadists to be a Darwinian career. It is a job that is truly designed to fail and be the scapegoat for all of those who did not produce. I pity her.
Feb 26, 2010
You can always hide from anything electronic. All you have to do is establish a pattern of constantly complaining about technology being unreliable. Then when you tell your cow-irkers that you did not get their message they will be inclined to go away rather than listen to yet another of your ludite rants. It works for me.
Feb 26, 2010
Ya can't hide from email, cell text AND voice messaging Wally!
Feb 26, 2010
5 stars!
One of my lab partners last semester would do this to us. hahaha
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