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Mar 5, 2010

He's asking Dogbert not to force him to admit that he was wrong. I assume that Dogbert's had this conversation before and said that "Evil is the cure for incompetence" to which Dilbert, being who he is, vehemently disagreed. Dogbert, as he always is, was proven correct.

So nice to see Dogbert again!
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Mar 5, 2010
But PHB is both evil and incompetent... How is PHB's evilness hasn't cured his incompetence?
Mar 5, 2010
I totally did this once to kill a project. I got estimates from all the highest-priced vendors and then doubled them. Problem. . . solved :)
Mar 5, 2010
Dogbert returns! And gets the better of Dilbert with one line.
Mar 5, 2010
I still say, * Even a poor 'Republic' is better than any kind of democracy!".
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