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Apr 6, 2010
@blr: Dilbert's company makes lots of (typically idiotic) hardware gadgets. So Dilbert is probably a low-level software engineer. Makes lots of sense to deal with LF and HF then. The concept of frequencies is otherwise very universial and is used everywhere in engineering.
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Apr 5, 2010
Exactly. How many times have I slipped and let MOSFET get changed to MISFIT? Of course, I try to add to the vocabulary, but the vocabulary keeps getting reset every time Word crashes, and makes the same corrections unless I go and manually correlate.
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Apr 5, 2010
I really hate it when M$ Word corrects my acronyms!!
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Apr 5, 2010
@q_reg: So what you mean to say is that the proofreader is at the blue gate, while Dilbert is at the flax geranium?
Apr 5, 2010
No, phase them in during the 2nd and 3rd upgrade transitions.
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