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Apr 29, 2010
Mister Smith

The answer to your question is that once he actually got the help. He never asked again.
Apr 29, 2010
Agreed, tlimvvo2max This one is destined to be a classic.
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Apr 29, 2010
Typical of the government contracting world. Fail to bring enough competent help to the table at the start of a project, then bring in those who can't do anything except whine about how much work they have to do at the end. This is supposed to help get a project done on time???
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Apr 29, 2010
Maybe they're doing what my company does - take on students for a year to 'learn the job' who are just getting up to speed when they leave.
Apr 29, 2010
I remember the days when Dilbert always wanted extra help on his projects, and the Boss was unable/unwilling to give them to him. What's happening in Dilbert World?
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