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May 30, 2010
We maintain 25-yr old applications (i.e. softwares) that run on IBM mainframes for a premium card company...
If Dogbert were to come to know this I wonder what would he attack us with...a nuclear missile?

BTW, agreed that IE6 is poor but XP is now a pretty good OS since it has got such a long period to gestate. Wonder what pissed Scott to go against it...

P.S. - Posting this using Ubuntu 10.04 from a dual-boot laptop with Vista (which I log in to around twice a month :P)
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May 8, 2010

Actually I think W7 is the current and less buggy interim version of vista that was "rebranded" to avoid all the "bad publicity" of vista. But they also get to take more of your money.

Its funny that the only thing I like out of MS is their hardware, since they claim to be a software company. (To be fair, I like Apple's software more than their hardware, though they claim to be a hardware company).
May 6, 2010
No it is not a stop gap it is a 'give me more money.' Stop gaps would be updates and expansions to an earlier version.
May 6, 2010
Isn't Windows Vista just the current and less buggy interim software to Windows Seven such that Windows ME (Millenium) was to XP ie "a stop gap until we at Microsoft get the really good version out"?

still an MS hater due to Microsoft ME
May 6, 2010
With one small change "Step away from the windows, XP" it becomes a reference to "3 Days of the Condor", and XP meets Bazooka Joe.
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