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May 4, 2010
"Heck, soon enough they will convince us we don't actually OWN our computers anymore."

Unfortunately, that day came long ago. We don't actually own the software/media on our computers, we merely license the privilege to use it. For examples of how this mindset is enforced, look at the horrible DRM schemes used in video games, or the time when Amazon deleted "1984" from everybody's Kindle over a stupid licensing issue.
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May 4, 2010
Very good. In my workplace, it would be "Step away from the ArcView 3.2!"
May 4, 2010
@AllenSmithee: The problem is NOT the technology, its the insidious controls that are more and more tied into it, expressly designed to prevent users from taking charge of their machines. Heck, soon enough they will convince us we don't actually OWN our computers anymore.

One example: just finding the settings for a program and untangling its settings in the registry is pure hell. Trying to access your actual files on your computer has become a challenge for regular users, as it's become buried deeper and deeper into the maze of Microsoft's Subfolder Labyrinth...
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May 4, 2010
Do you think Microsoft liked this strip? Windows XP is pretty good, but I'm currently using Ubuntu 9.10. I think XP is justified for games and programs that only work in XP (of course).
May 4, 2010
Man, has this created a lot of response!

The fact of the matter is, there is more than plain "Resistance to Change" at work, it's Resistance Against the Hegemony of Global Domination through the Operating System (sorry for the theatrics, but do YOU have a better way to describe it?), as Corporations and Governments impose more and more laws and regulation to control users and essentially, put users back in line, where they used to be prior to the Personal Computer Revolution...

Just look at your old machines and apart from hardware, tell me, with a straight face, that there has been _significant_ improvement in software from the days of Windows 98! If anything, things have actualy gotten worse, machines have been bogged down even with more powerful hardware and basically eveything has been paralized by techno-legalese... (we are continually being braiwashed with the response "It's for your safety"... yeah, right, that's what the Nazis convinced the Germans of in the 30s, and look what happened!)... To paraphrase a famous line in one of my favorite movies... "You can't do anything anymore without asking permission from Master Contol[UAC]"...

So Scott, once again, great strip! We need more on this subject...
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