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May 4, 2010
Do you think Microsoft liked this strip? Windows XP is pretty good, but I'm currently using Ubuntu 9.10. I think XP is justified for games and programs that only work in XP (of course).
May 4, 2010
Man, has this created a lot of response!

The fact of the matter is, there is more than plain "Resistance to Change" at work, it's Resistance Against the Hegemony of Global Domination through the Operating System (sorry for the theatrics, but do YOU have a better way to describe it?), as Corporations and Governments impose more and more laws and regulation to control users and essentially, put users back in line, where they used to be prior to the Personal Computer Revolution...

Just look at your old machines and apart from hardware, tell me, with a straight face, that there has been _significant_ improvement in software from the days of Windows 98! If anything, things have actualy gotten worse, machines have been bogged down even with more powerful hardware and basically eveything has been paralized by techno-legalese... (we are continually being braiwashed with the response "It's for your safety"... yeah, right, that's what the Nazis convinced the Germans of in the 30s, and look what happened!)... To paraphrase a famous line in one of my favorite movies... "You can't do anything anymore without asking permission from Master Contol[UAC]"...

So Scott, once again, great strip! We need more on this subject...
May 4, 2010
Allen some of the specialized programing hasn't been improved as much as you think. Newer versions may be easier to use bu at the cost of not being able to do as much. Thats why I wait ask around and take a look at the program on someone elses computer before I upgrade to the newest form of anything.
May 4, 2010
@eewanco: Perhaps you're right. Hey, maybe some folks even prefer push-blade lawn mowers or leaded gasoline--who am I to judge? But when you're a software and/or Web developer, this kind of thing can be hell. Dogbert could have (I would go so far as to say "should have") said: "Step away from the IE6!" When your last four projects go over schedule and budget to support obsolete apps, when you're digging into old manuals to figure out how to write code that will work on systems from 1996-2010, when you're at the umpteenth requirements meeting listening to the stakeholders say, "Oh, and make sure it runs on <insert 15-year-old technology here>, we've got one guy in accounting that still uses it..."

It gets old.
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May 4, 2010
Is it just me or is Dogbert is a lot more adorable with a bazooka?
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