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Jul 1, 2010
Classic. My girlfriend used to work in a company that used the staff satisfaction survey as part of the stats for targets / staff bonuses. Guess what? Everybody was happy!
Jun 24, 2010
My company indicates that the questionnaire is anonymous, but you must log in to the test site before you are given the chance to fill it out. That has spooked out too many people in the past, so they measured each VP on attendance this year, which spooked out everyone. More people filled out the questionnaire. Amazing enough, the numbers got better (fewer comments too)

People complained about the lack of recognition, so they created BLOG pages for everyone, so the people they work for can leave thank you's. No cost idea that competes with the process of giving on-the-spot awards of $25. Its like getting a case of soda for being a good engineer, which would come in handy as they yanked out all goodies from the break rooms.
Jun 13, 2010
@jo_jo_ba - Thanks to you else I would have missed the hilarious fact that the satisfaction level increased from just 1% to 2%. Don't know what it is with Powerpoint slides. I can't seem to pay attention to them in the real life as well as in the comic world...!
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Jun 11, 2010
The last pane was funnier before I realized he had both hands visible...

My soon be to former employer did something better to improve morale. It sent a bunch of emails explaining this year's morale survey would be non-anonymous and the answers, along with your name, would be sent directly to your manager.

Morale "improved dramatically" with lots of managers who scored low for the three years I have been here now having near-perfect scores and receiving mid-year bonuses as an appreciation of their efforts in improving morale!

In case you were wondering, my co-worker who failed to understand the unspoken goal and answered questions truthfully now wish he was a janitor cleaning overflowing toilets.

Morale has improved so dramatically that 8 out of 9 team members are looking for another job and the last one isn't because he is retiring in a few months.
Jun 11, 2010
At the company where I work, we kept scoring close to the first percentile in morale on a national test. So the management solved the problem by not administering the test any more.
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