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Jun 10, 2010
This is great in view of the fact that several government agencies have been doing employee satisfaction surveys. Thanks, passed it along to my friends who have not quite retired.
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Jun 10, 2010
I swear Scott must be spying on our quarterly all hands meetings.
Jun 10, 2010
I think it's fascinating how Scott Adams appears to be the only cartoonist who does the joke of a three panel strip in the first frame, and then has to find a way to find an ending for it! He's done that so many times before!
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Jun 10, 2010
My colleague has just been made "redundant" and my job is "at risk" as well, while our boss needs to make cuts, he still keeps his personal secretary, his $350/parking, his huge expense account and full cable TV in the office.

Thanks for this today, it made us laugh. A LOT.
Jun 10, 2010
Yeff does apparently mean that in the urban dictionary but it doesn't fit the context here. I say it's the braces preventing him from proper speach.
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