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Jul 3, 2011
Heh. At first I took panel 3 to mean Ratbert had been using the Garfield posters AS dartboards.
Jul 12, 2010
Mo & Stan have successfully influenced my current and projected life styles. They destroyed my portfolio and had the IRS at my door afterwords. Then in the last 10 years, my 401K has been devaluated by 85% . I laughed years ago when my friend cashed out his 401K and bought himself lots of nice things. The difference is he got to enjoy at least a part of his investment. Given the option, I go would go with the rat, except that's what i call my current investment councilor.
Jul 7, 2010
Is this how the US Banks crumbled? LOL - the way I see it Ratbert represents every moron who called himself or herself a 'Business Analyst' without understanding the meaning of either word.

But then, in America, don't they call the person who cleans the kitchen a 'Food Surface Hygiene Technician'?

I've also heard that Customer Service guys who jot down IT problems or issues are titled 'Infrastructure Analysts'....

ROFL!!! Go Ratbert! the world seems ready for you.
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Jul 6, 2010
Have you seen the Paws, Inc. site? Jim Davis' Garfield licensing site.

Considering how "great" 401k and 403b funds have been doing, Ratbert may actually be on to a winning strategy!
Jul 6, 2010
@ Saywhatwhat - yeah I thought it might have been, and yeah I'm going to check to see if I've written a dissertation before I post. Maybe there should be a character limit. I also kinda overposted this morning as well in response to his response, but from now on no more, he clearly won't listen to reason so there's no sense getting angry about it. I think I'll just go into politics as a scientist and try to counteract this evil that will, over time, be the death of our society (maybe.) I actually do intend to, I'd like to end up as an MP or MEP, or best of all science minister. It would be nice if politicians in charge of science knew something about science, in my opinion, so maybe I could change that. I can but aim high.

I've discovered you don't really need to argue any more when your opponent goes so far beyond the realms of reason that you don't actually need to say anything yourself. I think any true scientist or anyone with a good basic attitude to learning in general can see this "starguy" for what he is now. Mind you the fact my posts are - marked and his are indicates many arrogant anti-scientists read this strip. That makes me sad. Anyway - more importantly than this - enjoy progressive rock if you can (I mean some people just don't like it.) Dream Theater are amazing (my fave band, Kevin was their first keyboardist) as are Porcupine Tree (a little more listenable to an non-progger) and Riverside (a little-known Polish band.) Enjoy music - its a beautiful thing when you find the right spot for your ears in it.
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