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Jul 9, 2010
I'll bet you anything it's Dilbert next, then Wally. Wonder what their reactions will be? :)
Jul 9, 2010
Man! Am I the only one to get it?

Isn't it obvious Scott is expressing serious disgust about what our society has become, where products are in reality designed and built by only a handful of people (engineers, inventors and the few workers left in the field and on the factories), whereas the majority (who obviously can't understand the first thing about the product) is employed simply to yap about it and push it around?

I'm surprised I haven't seen a strip attacking the biggest leaches of all, LAWYERS!
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Jul 9, 2010
Sorry Scott, I really adore your strips, but this one is really icky.
Maybe I'm a bit too sensitive today, sorry, it's 98° outside (37° C)...
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Jul 9, 2010
To be more precise, they pass their digestive system through the rear, to throw off predators.
They then grow a new digestive system.

We should know here in Japan, we eat them regularly.
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Jul 9, 2010
Don't Sea Slugs also throw up their stomachs when threatened?
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