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Jul 27, 2010
Put Wally in charge of the cleanup.
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Jul 27, 2010
Two letters: BP
Jul 27, 2010
thx olstar18 & afan
the assumption "old = unimportant" is typically US i guess. Outside people would say the opposite lol.
so it isn't funny cause it is not intemporal/appliable everywhere, it is typically contextual (geographicaly and temporaly). period
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Jul 27, 2010
"Don't worry, we have our best engeneer on top of it. He works out of a coffee mug. He'll have it cleaned up in no time. And as for me, well I am the CEO after all, and deserve a long quit vacation away from all of this."
Jul 27, 2010
oh please let the gang get responsibility for designing the prosthetic limb! The committee meetings alone are worth it!
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