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Aug 7, 2010
Very nice nervous break down !! or that's the famous lucidity of real life !

Belle dépression nerveuse ! ou alors la terrible lucidité de la vraie vie !
Aug 7, 2010
This one does seem unusually bitter.

I suspect it's not quite what it seems and the question from the audience at the end may reveal what's really going on: Dilbert has known for years that it really doesn't matter what you say in a presentation especially towards the end because the audience is catatonic, so you can indulge yourself.
If I remember rightly that makes it an extension of one a few years back where he presented an avowedly useless set of Powerpoint stuff and said something along the lines of "the only possible conclusion is that I like making slides more than I like you".
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Aug 7, 2010
Is Dilbert angry? because none paid proper attention to his presentation !!
Aug 7, 2010
Someone needs to go out on a date or something.... and not screw it up!
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Aug 7, 2010
That sounds like me the last time my boss tried to get me to make suggestions on how to increase production. For some reason getting all of my machines running, getting us enough parts to run all the machines, and stop making me stop running the machines to answer basic questions that any 5th grader could answer were not valid suggestions.
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