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Sep 18, 2010
Asok may well find all his money going to copyright lawyers to get guys like Wally. Wally, it seems, elevates his thinking to new higher levels of the ascerbic when eating AND drinking coffee...If Wally ever learns how to play Texas Hold'em Poker he will make more than enough money to leave the company....
Sep 18, 2010
No, I hadn't missed the irony. You can always trust Dilbertworld to be more complex than it looks at first glance.

It's typical of Scott's sense of humour (and view of human nature) that this situation is bringing out everyone's inner weasel. On which point, I don't know if it has crossed anyone else's mind that Asok had better have read his contract with Dogbert publishing #very# carefully. ;)
Sep 18, 2010

He came up with the idea of making a book from PHB sayings. PHB didn't.
Sep 18, 2010
I hope everyone here realizes that Asok is selling a book full of things that he didn't come up with. What is the difference between Asok taking quotes from the PHB without permission or royalty and Wally downloading the book without permission or royalty?
Sep 18, 2010
@ everyone:

A good debate going on, though nothing that will sway me from the idea that it rests solely with the creator of a work to decide how it's distributed and for how much.

I might add that I would hate anyone to get the idea that I'm a friend of big business in this - as far as I'm concerned most companies in this field have a solid record of being greedy, stupid and exploitative. The internet offers creative types all sorts of new opportunities for making a living without getting wrapped in their tentacles and I'm one hundred per cent behind that.
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